Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Number One Single

I hate when a band puts their hit song as the first song on the album. It gives me less incentive to listen to the second half of the album.

The most recent offender of this is the Alabama Shakes.  In the past, years have gone by before I've listened to the second half of a record because that band chose to put their single in the number one slot on the record.

However, I think Siri understands me. When I asked her to play the Alabama Shakes today, she chose a random song on the album and didn't start from the beginning. 

I also think I may be a bit distracted from the Alabama Shakes album because of a last minute download of The Lumineers.

I'm really digging that album. Their song "Ho Hey" caught my ear on that Blue Moon commercial. and the love affair has continued ever since.

Siri even corrects me. Like when I said, "Siri, play 'Hey Ho' by the Lumineers," she replied with "Let's listen to Ho Hey-

I need real friends.


  1. oh rish! it wasn't until the end of the post that i realized what siri was and that it wasn't a real person. i feel ridiculous

  2. Ha, Rachel! That's kind of awesome. Siri is actually pretty fun to talk to.

    When are you and Jane coming to Peoria?

  3. soon. I talked to Siri the other day. I think John Malcovich finds her jokes more amusing than i do.

    Rachel, don't feel too bad. I thought meme was pronounced ME ME.