Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Blog Your Own Adventure!

It will actually kill me if I try to finish something. So, in order to preserve my precious life, I'm asking YOU to help me finish this story! Like literary Exquisite Corpse.

If anyone actually does this, please remember to give credit where credit is due and link back (or paste back) on this site so I can see what's become of these adventures.

Happy writing!

Franklin Elven Sr was a man of simplicity and truth. This was the reason that his sons were named the following: Elven Elder, Elven Middle and Elven Younger. His sons were born with spry bodies and nimble fingers, swift enough to remove a seam before you even finished asking for its removal.
Except Elven Middle. He was born with a cloven thumb. Somewhere along the lineage, some she elf let a centaur throw it in her. They called it love and married against the wishes of the village. They were extradited from the community and so were three out of their four children. The fourth child had remained mysteriously uncloven and was blessed with the swift nimble fingers the elvenkind craved.  She was allowed to stay in the village.
This was many generations ago, but the defective gene had remained hidden until now.
Since the days of the centaur scandal, the little elven community had become a bit more progressive and allowed “the others” to live within the village limits, as long as they were helpful. Everyone was put to work.

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