Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Reflection

It's almost been one year since I've returned to Peoria. Not only to Peoria, but to the U.S.

I lived in Seoul for 2 years of my life.

I consider myself pretty lucky. I moved back, underweight and unemployed, but just barely squeaked by in getting a pretty nice job right before my 29th birthday.

What have I learned in this nearly one year of being back in Peoria?

Patience. (Cue the G 'n R)

I've learned that I can get what I want (sometimes), but sometimes I just have to wait for it.

I have a deep love/hate relationship with Peoria and as much as I detested the idea of living here any longer than 6 months, I have made some refreshing lemonade.

I love the people I know here. I love having my family close (it's a blessing and a curse, but I'm going for the positive right now) as well as the strong, loving Indian community of Peoria everywhere I go. It's SO nice and cozy after a somewhat desolate and isolated feeling I got towards the end of my Korea tour.

I did love living there. It was a great experience. Glad I did it.

But I am so glad to be back home.

I'm excited for my next adventure (Chicago! with any luck), but who knows what will happen? I might decide that becoming a trapeze artist in the circus is my next calling in life. I always did like sequins.

So, stay tuned...

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  1. digging the optimism, friend. you are a lucky woman.