Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Dancing Around the Elephant in the Room

Every Tuesday I run the company Brain Trust meeting.

This is where the executives get together to asses the health of the company. It's jolly good fun.

This morning, I got to dance around the topic of the Election with one of the Suits.

"I voted this morning. Did my civic duty. It only took five minutes" he said. "I feel sorry for the people who will be waiting in line for 4 hours later."

"Oh, great!" I replied.

"Did you vote yet?" he asked.

"Yep! I voted early."

"Oh yeah? I should have done that. I just hope that whoever wins, they figure it out quickly tonight."

"Yeah, me too. Hopefully it doesn't become a mess and go on for days," I said.

"My daughter is voting in her first presidential election today," he said.

"Oh! That's exciting!" as I almost told him about how I disappointingly voted for Kerry in my first presidential election back in '04.

But that would have ruined our delicate dance around work-appropriate political conversation.

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  1. ha! so funny. I didn't really like Kerry either. That jerk was too good at water skiing.