Wednesday, November 14, 2012

On the Road Again

 After Friday, I will no longer have a job and my head is just spinning with excitement over having these next few months free to travel.

First things first: M. Mo in Colorado!

Next, a picture retrospective of my final days in Seoul. I'm missing it pretty hard right now.

The sky outside my apartment...Photoshopped, obviously ;-)

Buddy that I miss!

View of Namsan Tower from the Noksapyeong bridge

Kimchi pots on the way to HBC

Misfortunately named Brunch place in Hapjeong

Wine and European cheese party in Sven's art den
Sven has a car for the night!
Cruisin in the Mok-dong
Self-portrait in the subway
Some favorite buddies

Me and Ms. Nam at the symphony- Beethoven

The building where we saw the symphony
Moving to Itaewon

Yum Yum Yum

View from M. Mo's ap-pah-tuh (apartment)

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  1. yeah, doo doo. That's freaking gold. If I ever accidentally start a restaurant I'm going to get a translation for every major language just so I don't make an ass of myself.