Friday, January 11, 2013

Funemployment Chronicles

Here I sit.


Excited because I was finally starting to get back into routine after the holidays.

Until I lost my keys.

I went to pickup some Chinese food, came home to eat that Chinese food and was getting ready to leave again when...




I've even checked the refrigerator and freezer. Twice.

I've checked every possible place.

No keys.

I called AAA (that's Triple A and not Asshole Alcoholics Anonymous) and they tell me the locksmith will need the key code to make a duplicate.

So I called the Mazda dealership and ask for the key code and Gary* tells me that there is no code on file for my key and that is very strange. This has never happened to him before.

Without the code, another key cannot be made.

What?! Seriously?

So, I will wait.




But it could be worse. 

At least I still have a grotesque amount of beef lo mein in the fridge. 

*Name changed to protect the helpful

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