Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ridin' in My Car

Today, I got flipped off by an old man in a Buick.

Did it upset me?


He should have let me in the lane. My turn signal had been on for a good 10 seconds before the merge.

As the months have passed since my return to American soil, I have come to realize and accept the fact that I'm a terrible driver.

This doesn't upset me. I've also come to realize that I don't even like driving. That might be a large contributing factor as to why I'm such an asshole on the road.

After two years of excellent public transportation in South Korea, America appears backward and technologically regressive.

After two years of excellent healthcare in Korea, America appears backwards and stupid.

Attending to a health issue can set a person back in such a ridiculous way, that most people choose to ignore their ailments. Then, it just gets worse until it becomes a bankruptable problem.

I feel that I've gotten off topic.


Why do old men like Buicks, anyway?

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